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A Surprise Party

Great excitement!

The new book is now available! Please go to the 'shop' tab to secure your copy!

Five crazy new tales from Animaux! Aubrey returns for more naughtiness. And Walli and Clifford try their best to keep him out of trouble. Keep checking back for more updates. :-)

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Proofreading book 2, 'Monsieur Le Chef' :-) Next stop printing and hopefully out in time for Xmas!

Monsieur Le Chef

'The Island of Animaux' has only just been published but the follow up, 'Monsieur Le Chef', is already well advanced. Yesterday Troubador...

A look into the future

Yuliya's latest rough drawing. She will develop it into the final version. But what is Aubrey doing? And will this scene appear in book 2...

The Team

I couldn't have published 'The Island of Animaux' on my own. Here are the other people who had huge roles: Illustrator Yuliya Somina is...

A great start

Lots of orders received at Many thanks to all of you! :-) So far I have shipped to the UK, Ireland, USA, Holland and...

Here it comes!

Delayed by the awful global crisis, the paper version of 'The Island of Animaux' will finally be published on 28 July. Hugely exciting!...

The paper book is coming!

Amazing news. The publisher has told me the book will be out in the next week or so. Brilliant news and well in advance of the expected...

2020 and beyond!

As already mentioned, "The Island of Animaux" eBook is out now and available from all major e-retailers. The hard copy will be out in May...

First Post

A long time ago I wrote a tale about a fowl foul whose only aim was to get himself eaten. He came up with all sorts of ways that he could...

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