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Reviews of The Island of Animaux

Taken from Netgalley, Goodreads, Amazon or direct from children

I was really interested in this because my classroom is a haven for crane flies and there are not many stories including them. I wasn’t disappointed...not only are there crane flies but a turkey, a warthog, a platypus. Perfect for the 9-12 animal lovers and it even uses latitude/longitude for the changing positions of the island. Unusual and unpredictable but one my class will no doubt enjoy :) Lou 4*


Why don't you come down to the Island of Animaux? Because it's a very interesting and weird place.

Milo McGivern shows us an island that is populated by animals who can talk. Most of the animals there have no idea about the world outside their magical island.

Why has it never been found? Because it has the ability to move its location on the Earth on a daily basis.

Milo explores the island by way of a series of connected tales set on the island, concerning its amazing inhabitants. There's Aubrey (who is a turkey) who has the idea to open a zoo. Does that take off? You'll find out when you read the charming stories and enjoy the illustrations by Yulia Somina.

What happens when they meet a vampire? What does Clifford the Platypus get up to?

It's a great book for children and the adults in their lives will enjoy sharing this book. Martin S


I really like The Island of Animaux! It is very funny and interesting, though it has some very weird parts. I love that you give different characteristics to all the animals, as that is one of my favourite things to do. Even their accents are different. I feel like all the animals are representing people. Like for example Clifford would be a cool teenager with a very strong accent. And Stella the Cow would be a rather fat VIP that only likes intelligent people. Though it was kind of weird reading parts like when Georgina was scratching her butt. But except for that, everything was very good (though poor Clifford, Aubrey and Walli when the Winged Destroyer finds what happened to his sister!) Anna 10 years 5*


I really loved this book! It's very interesting how animals from different countries somehow got on an island in the mist! This book is full of adventures and surprises, like talking animals. The main character is Aubrey who is a self-absorbed and arrogant turkey. He finds a duck-billed platypus called Clifford in the toilet and they become friends! My favourite character is Clifford because even if Aubrey doesn't notice he made a remark, Clifford will still stand by his side. I recommend this book to 5 - 1,000,000 year olds! Elena 9 years 5*


Hi Milo. My daughter thinks your book is hilarious. We've been enjoying reading it. thanks! David S 5*


A lovely book of funny short stories about the animals of the Island of Animaux. A recommended read and one I will be buying for a friend's little boy when it is published. - Pam Chantrell 4*


The Island of Animaux by Milo McGivern is a lovely book. It's set on a movable island that mysteriously travels from place to place and obtains new inhabitants to delight us with their personalities.  These stories are quirky enough to be a little bit like here but so off tilt that makes it wonderful to read.

 The stories centres around the main character of Aubrey, who is a turkey with many bad habits, he's dirty, rude and greedy. But on occasion, can be charming and persuasive which is what usually leads to many disastrous schemes. He really is the bane of his second-best friend Georgina the goat, who is very forgiving. 

The characters are warm, engaging and just fun to read. A turkey who blogs. A weasel who runs a fairground ride. The ideas are endless. It's wacky, silly but not stupid, it all makes sense when you read it. 

Each story is entertaining, wickedly funny in places and brilliantly illustrated in the Kindle edition. I loved the scenes depicted, which were some of the most odd and amusing. 

I will definitely be reading again as I'm sure I missed out on some nuances  - there were double meanings aplenty, so suitable for adults and children. Eagerly awaiting the next installment. - Engrossed Reader 3*
Animaux is an island that changes location a lot, the only inhabitants are animals. In these stories we follow our main character Aubrey the turkey. 

I had a love - hate relationship with Aubrey the turkey, I felt bad for him because of his bad luck all the time but on the other hand he was also very mean to his friends.
You meet a lot of inhabitants of Animaux throughout the story such as Georgina the goat and Clifford the platypus. 

The stories were very enjoyable and funny! I liked the little illustrations.
- Tamara 4*


This book is as much as enjoyable for adults as for children. Each time I finished a tale I found myself frantically flipping the page eager to read the next tale. Fantastic imagination, humorous and well written. The key thing when writing comedy is it’s relatability and the author has got that right. 

Island of Animaux is definitely worth a visit!
- Aparna 5*


This book is for 9-12 year olds. So I asked my 10 year old daughter to review it for me. She loved it and thinks Clifford is cool. She felt sorry for Georgina, as the turkey is a bit horrible to her. And she was worried that Walli had spent so long in a tunnel but was happy she was now safe. She thinks Aubrey is very funny and she likes his bobble hat. But she said he shouldn't be so grumpy. A lovely, unusual book and highly recommended. - Jane Ashworth 5*


A crazy, funny set of tales. On an island somewhere on the planet Aubrey the Turkey and his friends have many very amusing adventures. Most of the time Aubrey is left holding the short end of the stick and yet he never changes his approach next time, even though his friends try to make him do so. McGivern has captured the characters of all his creatures perfectly and I could actually imagine myself sitting in the armchair in the front room of the house at the end of Fluffy Cloud Lane. A+ for a first book. - Chris Davies 5*


“The Island of Animaux” is extremely enjoyable for all ages. From grumpy turkeys, moving islands and the Turkeynet to a platypus that suddenly appears in a toilet, this is a genius book full of fun. The illustrations reflect the comedy and fun perfectly as they are a pleasure to see. The book is definitely one to take with you wherever you’re going. It’s brimming with humour (and mischief)! The characters have been thought out brilliantly by both the author and the illustrator creating simple characters, yet filling them with intricate details and unique personalities, which in my eyes, is one of the best things about “The Island of Animaux”. However, it doesn’t stop here! The book has confusion, comedy, action, adventure and is full of fun, fun, FUN!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who can get their hands on it. The story is exciting and illustrations are striking! I rate it 6 stars out of 5 and it is 110% a brilliant read.Daniel, 10 years 6*

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