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Aubrey's diary

All my latest and very interesting news


My tummy was hurting a little bit this morning. But it's OK now. Which is just as well, as I will be holding my party later. Walli and Clifford can do all the preparations. But I will watch them from my armchair, to make sure they don't make any mistakes. 


I've just had the most enormous lunch. I found lots of nice things in the fridge, that Walli and Clifford bought from Maureen's this morning. They're in the garden playing football. I hope they're not feeling hungry...


I was shopping in Maureen Moose's minimart and she refused to give me any more credit. But all is now OK as I've said Clifford and Walli will work for free for a week, to clear the debt. I wonder how I will tell them...


I saw on the Turkeynet that a people-creature called Milo has a new book out. And it's about this island and me! How is that possible? And where are my royalties?


Something has got stuck on the bottom of my foot and I can't shake it off. What is it? Whoops, it's Walli's hat. I had better scrape it off and hide it from her, as I think I may have ripped it. I'll blame Clifford.


There is no milk left and I want a cup of tea. It is raining hard outside and it's a long way to the shop. I'll tell Walli to go.


I had a great dream last night about Walli and Clifford making me a lovely breakfast. They'd better have had the same dream as I'm getting up in a minute.


My cardigan is looking rather tatty. I will ask Walli to mend it. I am sure she won't complain.


Next time I see Georgina I will tell her she smells.


Where have my cowboy boots gone? I left them by the armchair and they have vanished. I bet Clifford has taken them. Naughty platypus.

Monday (once more)

I deserve to be famous. I think someone should write a book about me, letting everyone know how intelligent and kind I am. Perhaps I will write it myself. But first I need to pop to the bathroom.

Monday (again)

I need to get some more gold eagles. So Walli and Clifford must work harder. I will ask them to each get another job. They will be pleased to do this, to keep me happy.


I had acorns on toast for my breakfast and some gooseberry juice to wash it down. Delicious. 


I'm such a handsome, clever turkey.

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