Clifford's Quackles


It's a lovely day on Animaux - lots of sun and Walli and I had a great game of football. Aubrey's been in the toilet all morning. I hope he doesn't use all the loo roll!


Aubrey doesn't realise that I know how to use his computer. But of course I do, being a very clever platypus. I see he keeps a diary and writes about all sorts of strange things, including about Walli and me! This is my chance to write about him and also about the Island of Animaux.

G'day again. Welcome from Animaux and from Aubrey's front room. He's asleep in the armchair and he left his computer turned on. So I decided to use it. Walli is with me and she says 'howzit' to everyone. Later we're going to play football in the garden. Aubrey probably won't join us as he says his foot hurts. And I know why. Because he never cuts his toe nails and they're digging into him! In fact he asked Walli to cut them earlier. What a cheek and she told him he was very rude. Quite right! That's enough for now. I wonder what grub is in the kitchen......


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